Services for Providers

Because we recognize that collaboration in often the key to success, Conduct Curb is pleased to offer training, supervision, and consultation to other providers in the field who have answered the call to work with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

School Behavioral Consultation

The School Behavioral Consultation program serves Anderson, Alexandria, Lapel, and Pendleton area schools. 

Eligibility for consultation services is usually based on the recommendation of the student’s treatment team. In certain cases, families or individuals may pay privately for these services.


Conduct Curb provides one-on-one and group clinical supervision for students (currently enrolled and taking classes) pursuing their certification in applied behavior analysis. Conduct Curb provides ongoing training and supervision to providers and caregivers who work with individuals with behavioral issues. We utilize a blend of real-life clinical experience and research to develop robust trainings and supervision opportunities to help practitioners in the field develop and sharpen their skills.


Workshops and Trainings

Conduct Curb provides workshops, seminars, and trainings on utilizing techniques and methodology of ABA to address behaviors in the home, community, school, etc. Conduct Curb recognizes that we operate in a collaborative world. Often, our services cannot be offered in a vacuum and we need to rely on the expertise of our colleagues! We offer trainings and presentations for behaviorists and other services providers (speech therapists, occupational therapists, First Steps Providers, etc.) who can benefit from behavior-based inservices. Whenever possible, we collaborate with licensing boards to offer CEUs for those credentials!

Short ABA “Easy Learner” Video Clips

Please enjoy the presented videos! If there is a specific ABA topic that you would like explained, please contact us at and tell us your topic!