Parent Support and Educational Group

Raising a loved one with autism can be very daunting for families with all the difficulties and challenges that it entails. Many parents feel very isolated and that nobody really understands the pressures of dealing with their loved one on a day-to-day basis. Parent support groups can be a tremendous source of help to families who have a loved one with autism.

Parent Support group enables parents to share information with one another, such as information about therapies or new programs, stories and experiences of living with a loved one with autism, and advice on how to deal with different behaviors or professionals. They also allow parents to vent their highs and lows, the happy moments, and the frustrations. This supports the family in having their feelings validated and understood.  Through these groups, parents can get to hear about training workshops, school services, and attend events that may be beneficial, including social outings. Other benefits include the opportunity to forge long-lasting friendships with other families.