Behavioral Preschool Prep

Conduct Curb offers a Behavioral Preschool Prep Program designed for children, ages 2-6, who have had difficulty transitioning to and maintaining in a typical daycare/preschool setting. This program specializes in group instruction delivered in an ABA-Focused Treatment Format. The goal of this program is to address target behaviors while fully immersed in a contrived preschool setting. Clients in this program have evidenced a need for services, but not as intensive as 1:1.

This program is most effective for children diagnosed with Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delays, and Behavioral Disorders who have been unsuccessful thriving in a typical setting. All children will receive a targeted assessment, individualized treatment plan, and focused behavior intervention plan.

Two group sessions are provided per day: 8-12 and 12:30-4:30pm. Clients may receive anywhere from 16-36 hours(4-7 sessions) per week. The number of sessions required per week is based on severity of maladaptive behaviors, client skill level, and need.

Services can be covered via insurance or out of pocket.

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