Family Workshops & Trainings

Caregiver trainings, workshops, and seminars are designed to teach and support caregivers in addressing problem behaviors … specifically, behaviors that have been targeted for change! Special focus is given to training caregivers to independently interpret, address, and monitor behaviors. Our goal is to train caregivers so they can address behaviors independently.


Sibshops are Designed for Siblings of Children with Special Health and Developmental Needs. They are interactive, age-appropriate workshops for children and youth who have a sibling(s) with an intellectual or developmental disability or life-limiting health condition. Sibshops offer brothers and sisters of siblings with special needs (collectively referred to as “Sibs”) an opportunity to meet and develop a sense of community in a fun, recreational setting. Sibshops can be provided only by facilitators who have been trained and certified in the Sibshop model by The Sibling Support Project.

Sibshop reflects a belief that brothers and sisters have much to offer one another, when given a chance. The Sibshop approach is a research-informed mix of upbeat, engaging activities combined with opportunities for reflection and sharing about both the positive and less positive aspects of having a sibling with a disability. Sibshops provide an opportunity for Sibs to explore and express feelings and experiences commonly shared by siblings of children with special needs.